Garden Products

In addition to a range of seasonal plants and shrubs, many of which have been grown in our own glasshouses, Broadview Garden Centre is the ideal place to find that unique gift or gardening accessory


What better way to spend your non-gardening time than reading about how to make best use of the produce you’re growing. Our books cover an assortment of subjects, from those dealing with plants and gardens through to farmhouse cookery and preparing delicious salads. With the majority priced below the recommended retail price, Broadview is the ideal place to find that perfect read.

Seasonal gift ideas

Our novel gifts and gift cards, some of which have been produced locally, are great presents for both gardeners and non-gardeners. Priced to suit a range of budgets, they make an excellent present for that certain someone who seems to have everything.

Gardening accessories

We stock everything you’ll need to make your garden immaculate. Our selection of seeds, quality tools, composts, clothing and footwear from well known brands such as Wilkinson Sword, Town and Country and Felco means that whatever the task in hand you’ll be well equipped to deal with it.

Bird and insect feeders

Our range of bird and insect feeders are the perfect way to attract a range of wildlife into your garden. As well as being a joy to watch, wildlife is also the best way to balance your garden and remove the need for chemicals. We stock a variety of different bird feed, as well as nesting boxes and feeding stations, all of which have been approved by the RSPB.

Indoor plants

For the times when you can’t get out into the garden, or want to brighten up a corner in a room, we stock a variety of indoor plants. These range from orchids through to peace lilies and general household foliage, all of which will give a breath of fresh air to whichever room they adorn.