about-img1Pink Hellebore, part of the National Collection
of Hellebores, at Broadview Gardens
about-img1One of the National Collection of
Hellebores in Broadview Gardens
Helleborus argutifolius (Corsican Hellebore) Formally known as H. corsicus, these hybridise with each other producing fertile offspring, and also with H. niger, but in this case the offspring are infertile. H. argutifolius likes a sunny position, but will also grow in shade.

Helleborus lividus H. lividus requires protection in this country, mainly from winter wet. Hybrids from H. lividus tend to inherit its reddish coloration.

Helleborus niger (“Christmas Rose”) Helleborus niger has two subspecies – the most widespread is H. n. subsp. niger, while H. n. subsp. macrantha grows only in Northern Italy and parts of Slovenia.